Get Rid Of Elbow Pain !!
Play Sports and type pain free
Are you suffering from Tennis Elbow? (lateral epicondylitis)? The name tennis elbow doesn't mean you get this pain just from playing tennis. In fact, millions get "tennis elbow" because of the continuous motion of forearm muscles. Tendons attach muscles to bones and this pain comes from overloaded tendons.

Everyday tasks or normal work can cause this pain including typing on the computer, plumbing, carpentry, butcher, etc

The way to relieve this pain is to limit the stress and give the muscles a break. The compression pad works by strap applying pressure over the tendons near the outside of the elbow. This alters the direction of pull on the affected tendons, decreasing the stress on the injured area.
· Elastic Elbow Brace
· Lateral Pain Protection
· Sweat Absorbsion
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